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Love really does know no bounds. This proves all the more true for couples who come from different cultural backgrounds. Blending customs and traditions into a cross cultural wedding is a special experience for everyone involved. Find the perfect balance and create the day of your dreams with these ideas on how to seamlessly combine cultures on your special day.

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Kick off the cultural inclusion with your wedding invitations. You may choose to add in bilingual text, create a cultural color palette or invite your guests to participate in other cultural activities in celebration of your special day. This is the perfect way to set the tone and to ensure that both of your cultures are included from the start. There is truly no better place then Cleveland Ohio to get married and when you have one of the best wedding DJ's to make sure it goes smooth.


Whether it be for traditional reasons or because you want to incorporate your culture into your look, there are many ways you can add a cultural touch to your wedding day look. As many couples do, you may choose to change between two outfits to ensure that you can include a range of cultural aspects in your day.


One of the most simplistic ways to incorporate cultural diversity into your wedding is through your menu. Not only that, but your menu is one of the strongest sensory elements your guests will experience. Serve a selection of authentic cuisines from both cultures. If your cultures lend themselves to a fusion menu, this can be a great way to emphasise the joining of your cultures. Cleveland is rich in culture and has many options to choose from when picking a caterer that will fit your needs for your big day! Just like a wedding DJ getting the right food is important!


It is likely that many of your guests will be unfamiliar with at least one of the cultures featured in your wedding celebrations. Take the time to explain the traditional cultural elements of your wedding to your guests. This can be done in a program, on your menus or from your MC.


Cultural entertainment is another fun and simple way to get your guests involved in the cross-cultural elements of the wedding. Guaranteed to be one of the most lively expressions of culture of the day, you can perform a traditional song or dance for your guests, or have professionals showcase your culture. Work hand in hand with the wedding djs at The Wedding Coach to make sure everything is perfect.


Embrace the blending of cultures by adding personal touches to traditional cultural ceremonies. Whether it is conducting a ritual at a different time in the wedding to normal or modernizing a tradition to fit your own style, personalizing these aspects of your wedding will make it more enjoyable. If there are traditions from both cultures that are extremely similar, try combining them into one event for a truly cross-cultural celebration.


Got more cultural traditions than time? Consider including cultural customs into pre-wedding events such as the rehearsal dinner or bachelorette party. This takes the pressure of including them all on your wedding day itself. It will also allow you to focus more on each individual tradition.

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