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Doughnut Bouquets... Need I say more?

As a wedding photographer, Katelyn Prisco has been to more than her fair share of weddings. Attending ceremonies nearly every weekend gave her a solid idea of what she didn't want when it came time to plan her own day — and as someone in the business, she had access to all the best vendors in and around Sarasota, FL, where she lives and got married. The result? A totally non-traditional — and seemingly extremely fun — big day. Here are all the deets for those in need of major wedding inspo.

The Bouquet

First thing's first: that amazing donut bouquet. Katelyn didn't want a bridal party, nor a traditional floral bouquet, but her close friend and wedding planner, Jennifer Mateo, insisted she throw something. Enter: the donut bouquet. "We love food so much, that’s what my friends will actually want to catch," she explained.

The Cake

Katelyn and her husband, Mark Woodruff, didn't want a wedding cake either, but the morning of the wedding, Katelyn decided she should probably have something to cut into. So, Mark went to a local bakery and got a sprinkle-covered confection, because "rainbow sprinkles are my favorite." Problem solved.

The Food

A traditional sit-down dinner? "We knew it was never gonna be an option," Katelyn says. As the chef and restaurant owner of Made, Mark is picky about the food he eats ... and the couple didn't want their friends, most of whom are also in the hospitality industry, to have to work during the wedding.

Instead, they went casual, with food trucks called in from St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Sarasota, FL. Fire Taco and Mouthole BBQ served savory dishes, while Craving Donuts carried on the donut tradition.

"I had never tried Craving, but our friends in Tampa swore by them," Katelyn says. "We were blown away."

The couple also brought in a Nye’s Cream Sandwiches cart for a customizable dessert. "They were the most amazing thing ever," Katelyn says. "I thought there would be extra but those flew!"

Food and drinks were available right after the ceremony, so guests could start having fun right away. "We wanted everyone to eat and drink immediately, no waiting around, so we could really enjoy our time together," the bride says.

The Booze

If you couldn't already tell, Katelyn — who would have been fine to elope, if not for the fact that she and her husband wanted their family and friends present — took a very chill, no-fuss approach to wedding planning.

Her advice is something all stressed out soon-to-be brides will likely be glad to hear: "At the end of the day, nobody remembers what your name tags looked like or what your napkin felt like. They’re gonna remember how they felt, the food and the alcohol, and the dancing and the party," she says.

Obviously, then, an open bar was a must. The couple called in CB Lundy's, a bar company in St Petersburg, who she calls "absolutely wonderful." Their team brought in tables, ice, mixers, and garnishes like cherries and olives. Katelyn and Mark made sure to have the right drinks for everyone, like scotch for her dad, tequila for Katelyn and vodka for Mark — some of which was supplied by distributor friends.

And that, my friends, is how you ensure a kickass wedding.

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